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Rummy Master is an extension of the popular American card game Holy Rummy and Rummy Go. We bring the simplest form of this popular game into your mobile phones with fun graphics and user-friendly game controls.

Hello Friends!! कैसे हो आप सब उम्मीद हे की ठीक ही होंगे । आज एक बार फिर में आपके लिए एक बहुत ही इंट्रेस्टिंग Rummy game लेके आ गया हु जो आपको बहुत ही फायदा कराने वाली हे।आप कई दिन से ऐसी game की तलास में थे जो आज मैंने बहुत ही मेहनत करके आपके लिए ढूंढ निकाला हे। फिर एकबार उम्मीद हे की आपको पसंद आएगी। Teen Patti Yes App Download

Rummy Master App Download, Registration & Get 160Rs Bonus | Master Rummy Apk

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🔸Rummy Game के बारे मे।

▪️आपको मे बता देता हु की इस game का name Rummy Master हे जिसमे आपको आप खेल के थक जाओ उतनी game डाली गई हे। आपको कोई और game download करने की जरूरत नही हे आपकी मनपसंद game आप यह खेल पाओगे । यह एक online earning game हे जिससे आप घर बैठे पैसा कमा सकते हो । आइए अब आगे game के सारे फीचर्स समझते हे 👇

🔸Rummy Master मे account कैसे बनाए??

🔸Rummy Master मे account कैसे बनाए??

▪️Rummy master के सारे फीचर्स के लिए आपको game मे अपना aacount open करना पड़ता हे। Game मे account बनाते ही आपको 30₹ का Free Bonus भी मिलेगा । अब account कैसे बनाया जाता हे वो मे आपको नीचे step by step समझाता हु।

  • ➖Step:- 1 पहले आप Game को Download कर लीजिए फिर उसे आपके Mobile मे Install कर लीजिए और Rummy master को Open कीजिए।
  • ➖Step 2:- जैसे ही आप Game को Open करोंगे आपकी Game Automatically Play Gaust मे Open होगी।
  • ➖Step 3:- आपको Game के Right Said मे आपकी Profile जैसा कुच नजर आएगा उसपे click कीजिए जहा निचे आपको Mobile number डालने का Option मिलेगा वहा आप आपका Mobile number डाल दीजिए जो आपके mobile मे मौजुद हो।
  • ➖Step 4:- Mobile number डालने के बाद नीचे 2 बार आपका मनपसंद Password डाले ओर नीचे Otp वाले Button पे click करे आपके mobile मे एक SMS आएगा उसमे आपको 6 अंक का number मिलेगा जो आप OTP मे डाल दीजिए आपकी Rummy Master Game Open हो जाएगी और आपको 30₹ का Free Bonus भी मिल जाएगा।

🔸Rummy Master मे कितनी Games आती हे ??

🔸Rummy Master मे कितनी Games आती हे ??

Friends, this game is very good, in which you will get to see many different games, in which your favorite game will also be present, all the names of which we have provided below so that you understand which game has been included in Rummy Master .

⚡1. Teenpatti Game

⚡2. Point Rummy

3. Andar Bahar

⚡4. 7 Up Down

⚡5. Dragon vs Tiger

⚡6. Jhandi Munda

⚡7. Car Roulette

⚡8. Red vs Black

⚡9. Fishing Rush

⚡10. 3 patti War

⚡11. Candy Party

⚡12. Slots Game

⚡13. Golden India

14. Bikini Pradice

15. Baccarat AB

⚡16. Wingo Lottery

17. AK 47 Teen Patti

What is the VIP program in Rummy Master ??

️There is a  VIP Card program inside this game, under which you can buy 2 types of  VIP Cards  and get extra bonus on them like if you buy a card of ₹ 500 then you get up to ₹ 560 . Gets the profit of how-how this program works, you will get the information of all the following given information, then you   must read the details below.

  • ️VIP Weekly Card : – In this card you can invest ₹ 500 for 1 week, which will give you ₹ 560 within the next 7 days , this is how this weekly program runs.
  • ️VIP Monthly Card :- In this card you have to invest ₹ 2500 for 30 days in which you can get up to ₹ 3000 which is available for 30 days at the rate of ₹ 100 per day. .

What is the Free Cash Program in Rummy Master??

️ A program has been given inside this game in which you people get up to ₹ 200 for free, in this if you invite any of your friends, then you can get ₹ 200 for free in it. The thing is that already you get around ₹ 196, you just have to earn the remaining money, which you guys have to share with your friends, the gender of this application and your friends come and do the gameplay. You will get ₹0 randomly. Bonus is available from 01 to ₹ 20. And if your friends recharge then you can get any amount from ₹ 1 to ₹ 20.

️Note: – This invitation only counts for registering for the first time in a new device, which you can withdraw after completing ₹ 200.

What is the Refer & Earn program in Rummy Master ??

️Friends, you must be thinking that brother , there is no money to add me, then I cannot play, can I? But there is nothing to worry my brother, for this also I have only one way that you can play without adding money , yes friends, absolutely right….

Now you must be thinking happily that how can you play without adding money, tell me quickly, then my brother has come to tell me when I am your brother.

️With no delay, we come straight to the topic ! In the left corner of your rummy master , the option of refer & earn will appear below , click on it as soon as it is open , many options will come which we talk about step by step..

️ You will have the first option which will have 4 steps.

  • Step 1 :- What to do first in this that you should copy your re f er link from refer & earn and invite your friends through winning social media like whatsapp, facebook, instagram, twitter ,
  • After this, explain to your friends in your style that you can earn a lot of money from this application.
How to Refer in Rummy Master??
  • Step 2:- Now what will happen next, as soon as your friend regiter by entering the mobile number , you will get a bonus of 20 1 friend, 20 ₹ then you are going to have more than 100 friends, 1 20 ₹ then 100 I will get full 2000 ₹ , yes my brother, full 2000 ₹….
  • Step 3:- Now talking further, you will be surprised to hear the same thing because if you have referred 100 friends, then one of them is Khetla, then you will get full 30% comition out of them as if they are different 1000 . If you play by adding ₹ , you will get its 300 ₹ comition and as far as I know there will be at least 10 such people in your group of friends who will be the absorbers of such game .
  • Step 4:- Like we talked above, if 10 people out of 100 play, then how much income will you get, which you will think according to your own, you would not have thought even in your dreams that I will be able to earn so much money.

How to add money in Rummy master??

️The free bonus of 20 ₹ you got, that money is falling short and if you want to play with more money, then you have to put money from your or friend’s bank account , how they do that, I will teach you.

️If you want to add money, then in Rummy master game , you will see the icon of add case in the bottom right , click on it.

️As soon as you click , you will get to see according to the offer that is going on according to the company, if you add 500 ₹ to the offer that is going on now , then you will get 300 frre bonus i.e. 30 % more.

️It happens that every time some offer is running, but you must be wondering how to add money, then as you click on the icon with the add case , you will see the option of other amount , click there and as much as you can . You can add as much as you want , you can add at least 100 ₹ and maximum 20000 ₹ .

️Select the amount according to you, then as soon as you pay the add case below , you have to fill the details of your or friend’s bank account from which you want to add money, which is a very easy way, so you can do it according to yourself and your in two minutes . Money will be added to the game Rummy master and the offer of the game is going on, according to that you will also get your bonus , now let’s go ahead….

️But you are from a simple house and you do not have money to add to Rummy master game and you must be very much interested to play then you will think of playing loan from your friends or someone else if you want to play that. If you lose money, then you will have unnecessary debt and you will have to face a new problem .

️You do not need to take a loan, I have a very good way to do this, if you want to play Teen Patti Master, then I teach you to play without adding money. If you are in debt, then I will have to abuse you, then first you read the whole post till the end, after that start playing.

How to Withdraw Money in Rummy Master ??

  • The topic with ️withdraw is the easiest, even a small child will do it, yet I give you some information so that you do not have any problem….
  • ️There is nothing in this process , only what to do as soon as you click withdraw , you will get your

                                ★bank account number
                                ★user name
                                ★bank IFSC code
                                ★bank name
                                ★Mobile number

  • ️Enter all the details and click on save below and your KYC will be done. Then add the amount you want to withdraw and click on withdraw . And your money will come in bank account in 24 hours or 48 hours.

🔸Rummy master in customer support

️If you people  want to take customer support inside Rummy Master  , then a Help & Support program has been given in it, in which you can take Online Customer Support for many different options, the following list of all these options Is –

  • ❇️Recharge Help
  • ❇️Withdraw Help
  • ❇️Bonus Help
  • ❇️Invite Friends
  • ❇️Daily Rewards
  • ❇️VIP Cards
  • ❇️Other Help

️As you guys can see in this list given above that you are given very good customer support at many different points, then you can take support through all these for each different problem. .

How to Download Rummy Master ??

️You will get the link to download the game in our post below so that you do not have to find the game from many sides. Download the game from the link given below and play the game according to what we learned above and earn a lot of money.


️My friends explained to you about Rummy Master game through this post that how we can earn thousands of daily income . So now download the game from our link and play.

I hope that you will not have any problem in understanding my post, if it has come, then forgive me, I will try to explain to you more and more, you have read our post till the end, I am very grateful to you.

Thank you..!

Note :- This game involves financial risk. This game can be addictive. Please play your part. Only 18+ Go to Download Page...

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