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Super Slots APK | Super Slots App | Super Slots Rummy APK | SignUp Bonus Rs-51 : Hello friends, how are you all? I hope you all are as healthy as before. Friends, today through this article, we are going to give you information about another best Teen Patti game.

By the way, till now we have told you about more than 1000 different types of Rummy game and about Teen Patti game. There are also many of you who are earning thousands of rupees in a month today by using the game mentioned by us. But still I thought why not tell you more about the latest Teen Patti game.

Today’s our article is about Super Slots APK. Yes friends, you heard it right, today in this article you will be told all the details related to Super Slots APK. Want to know about the application, want to use Super Slots APK and want to earn thousands of rupees from this application, then you should read our article till the end.

About Super Slots APK

Although we will tell you the complete information about Super Slots APK in detail below, but first we tell you some basic information related to this application. Inside this application you are offered a lot of different types of bonuses. The first bonus out of this is the login bonus you get. Login bonus is given to you on account creation. Inside Super Slots APK you are given a login bonus of ₹51.

In Super Slots APK you also get Daily Bonus Monthly Bonus and Weekly Bonus. But you have to become a VIP member to get all these bonuses. The size of the application is around 32 MB which you can download from internet.

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How To Download Rummy Super Slots APK

Let us now also tell you how to download Super Slots APK so that you can easily download this application.

  • The easiest way to download Super Slots APK is by clicking on the above link.
  • After this you will be taken to a web page. Here you have to click on the download button.
  • After clicking on this download button, you will get another page, you may have to take storage permission. So you give storage permission.
  • After this you will see a file of Super Slots APK being downloaded, let it be downloaded.
  • Once the file is downloaded, you have to open it and install it. All you have to do is download Super Slots APK on your phone successfully.

Download Now

How To Create Account In Teen Patti Super Slots APK

It is not enough just to download Super Slots APK. Along with downloading the Super Slots APK, you will also have to create your account in it. Let us now see how to create an account on Super Slots APK.

  • The way to create an account on Super Slots APK is to open this application and click on the Create Account button.
  • After this you click on the option of Create Account with Mobile Number.
  • After that enter your mobile number and OTP.
  • Now click on confirm button.
  • By doing so, your account will be created inside the Super Slots APK.

Available Game In Super Slots App

The number of games you will find to earn money inside Super Slots APK is 18. You can try any game or play each game one by one and win thousands of rupees per day.

  1. Black Jack
  2. Texas Hold’em
  3. Teen Patti
  4. King & Queen
  5. Dragon vs Tiger
  6. Andar bahar
  7. Baccarat
  8. 7 up Down
  9. Cars Drifting
  10. Sic Bo
  11. Red vs Black
  12. Roulette
  13. Daduk Koprok
  14. Bandar Texas
  15. Video Poker
  16. AK47
  17. Hukum
  18. Joker

How To Add Cash In Rummy Teen Patti Super Slots App

Friends, do you want to know how to add money inside Super Slots APK. If you do not know how to add money in Super Slots APK, then you do not need to worry, below we will teach you how to add money in Super Slots APK in an easy way.

  • To add money to Super Slots APK, you have to go to the home page.
  • After going to the home page, you have to click on the option with Add Money.
  • After that you have to login by entering User ID and Password.
  • After this, you have to fill the amount and give bank account information.
  • After giving so many details, now at last you have to click on the confirm button.
  • So this is some easy step by which you can add money on Super Slots APK.

How To Withdraw Cash In Super Slots App

Now we will show you how to do money withdrawal inside Super Slots APK.

  • A minimum amount of ₹ 100 has been fixed for withdrawing money inside the application. If you have this amount then you can do your withdrawal.
  • To withdraw money, you will need to add one of your bank accounts, so first add your bank account.
  • If you have added your bank account, then now fill the amount by clicking on the Withdraw button.
  • Enter your User ID and Password for verification.
  • After doing some simple steps like this, your withdrawal inside Super Slots APK is completed successfully.

Invite Friends And Earn Unlimited Real Cash In Super Slots Teen Patti APK

We told you that there is also a way in Super Slots APK in which you can take profit of thousands of rupees in return without investing a single rupee and that way is Invite Friend

To take advantage of this feature, you need to invite a friend to Super Slots APK. To do this, you can share the invitation link of this application to him.

Your friend need to download Super Slots apk through this link. If he does this then you will get a bonus of around ₹ 100 and a commission of 30 percent.

VIP Bonus Features In Super Slots Rummy APK

Friends, if you want to earn more than ₹ 50000 through Super Slots APK, then you can take VIP plan for this. VIP plans start at ₹500 and go up to ₹50000.

The more you purchase the VIP plan inside this application, the more bonus you get. In Super Slots APK, you will get minimum ₹ 500 vip plan.

Login Everyday And Claim Free Daily Bonus

If you open Super Slots APK every day, then you also get a bonus. You can get a bonus of around ₹ 100 per week by opening the Super Slots APK every day. But the most important condition for this is that you have to open Super Slots APK every morning without stopping and claim your daily bonus.

Recharge Bonus Offer’s In Slots Super APK

In this gaming application, cashback bonus is given by the company for all users on adding money to the account. You can add a minimum payment of ₹ 50 to ₹ 100000 in this gaming application. Not only this, you are given a separate cashback bonus of 5% to 40% on adding payment in this gaming application. You can add any payment you want to get the cashback bonus. You get different cashback bonuses on different amounts.

Is Super Slots APK Safe

Friends, if any such question is coming in your mind that will Super Slots APK be safe for you? So you don’t need to worry about this at all. Super Slots APK is guaranteed by Google itself as this application has been verified by Google itself.

So you can download this application without any fear and earn thousands of rupees in return.

Customer Support

If you want to know about the customer care system of Super Slots APK, then let me tell you that the customer care system of Super Slots APK is also very responsive. Immediately after calling the customer care, your call is connected and any problem you have is started. No customer care service tax will be charged from you inside this application.

Note: This game involves financial risk. You can get addicted to this game. So my request to all of you users is to play this game at your own responsibility and at your own risk. If you suffer any financial loss while playing the game in this application, then you will be responsible for it. If you suffer any financial loss in this application, then you can not claim any kind of any kind to us, our team and website owner.


So friends, that’s all for today. So today in this article we have told you about which application. We told you what is Super Slots APK? How to Download Super Slots APK? How to create account in Super Slots APK? I hope you have come to know about the information related to Super Slots APK.

If you want to get more information like this in future also and want to know how to earn money, then you stay connected with us. Thank you for giving your valuable time and for continuing to be with us. Go to Download Page...

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